Goldmakers is committed to ethical business practices. All the precious metals we use for casting and as alloy for our in-house collection are post-consumer goods responsibly refined and 100% recycled.  We adhere to  environmentally-friendly refining techniques that always exceed federal, state and local environmental regulations.  The diamonds we use are either post-consumer heirloom stones, laboratory grown with disclosure, or from Kimberly Process Certified diamond vendors.  Our team of three jewelers hand-manufactures all Goldmakers’ in-house collection pieces on-site.


All online orders of in-stock items will be shipped within 48 hours. Our shipping is serviced by UPS or USPS within the continental USA.   Contact us directly for special shipping instructions or expedited service and we will make special arrangements.


We guarantee our jewelry against defects in manufacturing. Please look to our care guide to protect your jewelry from wear and tear.  If you choose to have any repair, alteration or sizing performed by another jeweler on a Goldmakers made custom, we relinquish any liability for that particular item. 

Goldmakers’ stands behind our jewelry and offer affordable repairs to many pieces from Goldmakers. We have an excellent repairs department and make a good faith effort to service our pieces whenever possible. Repairs and sizing costs can vary based on the piece and the circumstances.  If you are in need of a repair please email us a description of the item and how it is broken, along with a picture.  We will get back to you with if we can offer a repair and how much it will cost. 

It is important to us to continue your happiness with your Goldmakers’ purchase, please contact us with any questions or concerns.