Jewelry Care

How To Care For Your Goldmakers Jewelry

The delicacy and elegance incorporated into fine jewelry design today often require the wearer to be mindful of how the Jewelry is worn and stored.

The long-term wear typically expected for a wedding ring or treasured item requires it be worn and handled with respect and delicacy.

Because of the daily abuse hands endure, rings need special consideration in when and how they are worn.  Handling hard/rough objects is not recommended while wearing rings.  

We recommend that you remove your ring and put it in a safe place whenever engaged with any of these activities:

  • Handling rocks
  • Working with or around steel
    • filing cabinets
    • hand weights
    • gardening tools
  • Working with glass, porcelain, or dishes
  • Pulling rubber gloves on/off over ring

In addition to wear and tear through abrasion, jewelry and gems can be corroded chemically as well.  Among the worst chemicals for jewelry include  strong cleaners, chlorine, iodine and perfume.  These can all ruin jewelry, especially with repeat exposure. 

Very narrow bands require special care. They should not be knocked about in a manner which might push them out of shape.  Multiple stones can be lost from a thin pave band if its shape is deformed because the mounting relies upon the band's curve to hold the stones.  

We can often repair the damage if you break a piece of jewelry or have an accident and lose one of your little diamonds.  It helps if  missing stones can be recovered, but we have many common small diamonds and replacement gems in stock as well. 

Charges to replace a diamond vary based on factors such as how long the customer has been in possession of the ring and whether the piece seems to have been subjected to hard wear.  We at Goldmakers stand behind our work  and will always make a good faith effort to repair your piece so you can enjoy it for years to come. 

Please Contact us for any questions about how to clean, maintain, or repair of your Goldmakers Jewelry.